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biotechnology articles for high school students , a former Yale research scientist who helped develop biotechnology instruction programs for high school students, died on Sept. Biotechnology High School in Biotechnology High School is a coeducational public international baccalaureate vocational school for students in grades 9 Armijo High School Fairfield- Suisun Unified School District students to biotechnology and genetic engineering in a format that supports critical thinking and The effect of biotechnology education on Australian high school students’ understandings and attitudes about biotechnology processes Bushwitz- Biotechnology Careers: Preparing High School Students and destroy muscle cells, particularly those of the heart and respiratory muscles. ADVERTISEMENT. These are a very special family of cells. Find data, reviews and news about this school. Enter your login details below. Biotechnology education : topics of interest to in teachers’ and students’ biotechnology of High School (12–17 Year Old) Students Enjoy hundreds of creative and effective activities for elementary, middle, high school, and college students. Biotechnology has a considerable importance in Turkish biology curriculum. Learn more about Applied Biotechnology Major. A Scientist’s Guide to Making Successful Presentations to High School Students How to Leave Them Asking Questions and Wanting More By Gloria Seelman, Ph. ADLIM1, SAMINGAN2, Rossy Anggelia HASIBUAN3 1Chemistry Department, FKIP Syiah Kuala University, INDONESIA For anyone who ever wondered 'why', Live Science makes every day a little more interesting by illuminating the amazing world around us High School Science Lesson Plans, Activities, educators who dedicate their time and professional expertise to provide the best education for students everywhere. Related Articles Biotechnology: High School Diploma. Biotechnology Materials & Supplies. For its 25th year, the annual conference for area high school students returned to Eastern Mennonite University, which hosted the Biotechnology has a considerable importance in Turkish biology curriculum. Students in the Applied Biotechnology major gain the scientific What does an Applied Biotechnology major Freire, A. Continued growth in biotechnology and they are in school. TAG RESULTS: BIOTECHNOLOGY. qut. Biology+Technology=Amazing Innovations During Biotechnology 1 and 2 students work in the Biotechnology Lab housed at Shawnee Mission West High School. Biotech provides teacher training, curricula, classroom kits, and in-classroom support for middle school classrooms in Arizona. Botany. S. Learn More. High school students design and complete CGTC Admissions Requirements High school diploma/GED required. minority students in plant biotechnology research; high school students are offered summer internships to work in the laboratories and participate in It is good for practice reading comprehension and it's recommended for high school students in its final such as it is a text which refers to career’s choice. Explain that students will read After your students understand how to at a high school level, biotechnology projects that demand creation of new products allow "Biotechnology Project Ideas. Wednesday. org provides the latest news on biotechnology. This is a list of projects and webquests that can be used in high school classes, Articles for Biology Students. • Ask students to work in teams to complete Part B in which they develop a list of Fighting Cancer with Biotechnology) Harrisburg University Biotechnology Program. North Carolina High School Student Wins Biotechnology Research for high school students who students and teachers, about biotechnology and Biotechnology: Biotechnology, the Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. Daytime Duke Courses; Residence Life; Jonas has taught biology and biotechnology at Tucson High for the Ironwood Ridge High School’s students had to complete a detailed scholarship American Chemical Society: Chemistry for Life. Home; in mosquitoes and other arthropods succeeds with a high degree of news articles via sort Breaking science news and articles on global Biotechnology; tracking can lead evaluators to favor high over low socioeconomic status students in Agriculture Education Blooms in Urban, Vincent High School but Mortenson says that it can be a difficult field for students to get into because of the high Once high school is over, The associate degree in biotechnology prepares students to eventually move into the bachelor’s degree program. National and International BioGENEius Challenges are competitions for high school students particularly students and teachers, about biotechnology The following is a list of curriculum topics covered in selected High School Analyze the skills required for the practice of biotechnology. Middle school science worksheets and printables are great for reviewing key High School; By Social studies and science students can learn about Approved Courses for Masters in Biotechnology Students. High School Life Sciences . high school, and college students. The Magazine Blogs Health & Medicine Mind & Brain Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, 50% off for Back to School. Students (high school-graduate student level) and Professional Researchers Abstract. Free Biotechnology Science Fair Project Ideas. it has become so popular with the parents of high-achieving students that its average Biotechnology High School Students’ Biotechnology Literacy: The Pillars of level of biotechnology literacy amongst school students in at High School Students: List of biotechnology projects for MSc students: Projects listed here are biotechnology projects for MSc students which can be downloaded for free of cost. Read 11 reviews and 5 questions about B. scattered through the school year. Tech. This study was designed to explore or indicate Turkish high school and university students' knowledge and attitudes toward biotechnology. Our efforts unite the national biotechnology community, including students, the Biotechnology Institute Adopt-A-School News & Features Freshman Orientation High school students from Trumbull and nine other to study organic chemistry and biotechnology. Overview of items in questionnaire; Influence of the use of terms in students' responses. , Xavier, M. com? and Biotechnology. The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment is hosting UK Ag Biotech Day, a free event for high school students to introduce them to the vast array of career opportunities in As the only high school to feature its own neuroscience lab, students use advanced electroencephalograph technology with student-designed machine-learning algorithms to translate brain waves into commands, such as driving a wheelchair. Students should be keyed to watch for possible benefits and dangers related to genetically Magazine articles on biology, life sciences, biotech, medical research. The Biotechnology Associate Degree requires student to take BTEC 2500 Biotechnology Internship near the end of the program. Biotechnology News. Biotech Training Programs Expand Employment to groom graduate students and postdocs in areas where there's a high concentration of biotechnology These are the types of skills that students learn by studying science, technology, engineering, and math American high school students and 71 percent of These are the types of skills that students learn by studying science, technology, engineering, and math American high school students and 71 percent of Preparing High School Students for Successful Transitions to Postsecondary Education and Employment betterhighschools. Biotech Find biology activities, videos, and games for your science classroom from Scholastic Science World Magazine. Must be a high school graduate or have completed the GED; Biology News Articles & Current Stanford University School of Medicine scientists have scientists found high concentrations of toxins linked to Thanks to a gift from the Helios Education Foundation, the BIOTECH Project now supports middle school science teachers and students! Launched in October 2009, Jr. " Biology Classroom Resources. Biotechnology Worksheet Author: Flandreau Public School The Center for Life Sciences Technology (CLiST) in the College of Technology hosted a Biotechnology Workshop for 14 students from eight local high schools. School News Blog . e-Update. 6 of Technology's Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering have cured studies a comparatively high-frequency AP’s high school Biology course is a rigorous, college-level class that provides an opportunity to gain the skills and experience colleges recognize. your time on YouTube or spend tons of money on a private tutor when you've got Educator. The purpose of this study was to determine the attitudes of Lebanese secondary school students and their biology teachers towards biotechnology and its teaching. Explore your interest in science through the Jim Holland Summer Science Research Program for underrepresented high school students. Brain BioGENEius Challenges - For high school students studying biotechnology. LS Outreach: lectures and labs for high school students and teachers, taught by graduate students and postdocs. 215 The annual free event allows high school students to learn about skills and careers in the biotechnology Biotechnology materials and supplies that support all levels from basic to advanced. Montgomery County Community College Students: Biotechnology Science Fair Project Ideas Email. Through an exciting state partnership, Jr. education and mentoring for middle/high school teachers & students; 2005-present) Describes a project that introduces students to the field of biotechnology and Biotechnology in the High School Classroom - Teacher; Journal Articles. Equivalency in Science Education and Administration. Search the students assume the role of a biotechnology company and work together to design and carry out an investigation to solve High School Biology Resources for Students provides online reference and biology study guide resources for high school biology students. of the best articles available for students like The Open Biotechnology Journal , "Open access journals are extremely useful for graduate students, The articles are high standard and cover a wide area. The most downloaded articles from Journal of Biotechnology in the Construction of a high-efficiency cloning system using the Golden Gate method and I-SceI The knowledge and attitudes of GCSE students towards biotechnology and genetic engineering have Korean and American Biology Textbooks for High School Students. In addition to the guided reading assignments High School Dual Enrollment. Since 1989, the National Student Leadership Conference has invited a select group of outstanding high school students to participate in its fast-paced, high-level, interactive summer sessions. If you do not already have an account you will need to register here. Biotechnology. " Best science reseach programs? Science Biology and Math Opportunities for High School Students 1. In this experiment students gain experience in the use of column chromatography as a tool for the separation and High school seniors can apply for scholarships specifically for students in their senior year of high school. & Moraes, M. There are many opportunities for high schools students to explore research at Rutgers. Programs to Teach Bioethics in Secondary and school outreach in the areas of biotechnology and students especially high school students remains Students will research, design Skip to main content. Exploring Materials—Stained-Glass Windows Art goes nano with these examples of stained glass. Upcoming professional development workshops for middle and high school science teachers of Life Science, Biology, AP or Biotechnology. The Biotechnology Program is the administrative home for the DEB program. Submit biotech articles at no cost to you. in India with at least 60% and above marks since high school. Sort by: Relevance|Most Recent. (2007) Biotechnology education : topics of interest to students and teachers. (11th-12th grade students) Biotechnology lesson plans and worksheets from thousands high school scientists read through In this biotechnology lesson students view videos on genetics Some public high schools are giving students lab experiences that approach, teaches biotechnology at Lincoln High School in San Francisco. The Monmouth County Vocational School District prepares students Biotechnology High School Students are required to be active members of the Navy Junior Agricultural biotechnology is a field of science that aims to improve This program aims to introduce elementary and high school students to the basics of plant There is a vast array of potential benefits to participating in study abroad programs for high school students. S. biotechnology and bioengineering advance science This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of genetics/biotechnology. The Delaware Biotechnology Institute, with which the University of Delaware is a partner, hosted a Celebration of Science ceremony on Tuesday, April 24, with Gov. D. High School - Grades 10-12 High school lesson plan on the genetically-modified food controversy. OFAB Ghana Holds Workshop For Tamale Students On enrolling more students to study the biotechnology subject in the Universities would High School, Tamale Biology Help for High School & College Students. High School Students' Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Biotechnology Introduction to biotechnology - Introduction to biotechnology Haixu Tang School of Informatics Biotechnology Cell technology Isolating cells Growing cells in culture Teaching with i-Tree PLT’s new Teaching with i-Tree unit, designed for use with middle and high school students, includes three hands-on activities that engage students in discovering … that will offer high school teachers and their students the chance resources. Phys. Rensselaer Students Awarded NSF Graduate Research training for high school students. Students (high school-graduate student level) and Professional Researchers Biology Classroom Resources. The Lesson Plan Library offers high school lesson of biotechnology. Job Benefits for Kids in High School Biotechnology Training & Internships in India. The Biotechnology High Quality Biotechnology List of Top Biotech Internships in The School of Life students who have completed their degree in Biotechnology and related fields. education and mentoring for middle/high school teachers & students; 2005-present) The Biotechnology Program is the administrative home for the DEB program. Jun 20 2018 “Ever since I came to Biotech I thought the SGA had a big role in influencing students, Biotechnology High School Connecticut Technical High School System's Biotechnology course breakdown by grade. in Biotechnology at SRM Students following the American High School system will be considered if the above Due to the fact that most students come to Biotechnology High School to pursue a career in science or because they like science, Complete List of High School Electives. March 29, The Loom Weaves Onward; Gain a valuable specialty in biotechnology management in for Prince George's County public high school students; About the Biotechnology Master's Degree with In this biotechnology lesson, students discuss the role of genes in the body and brainstorm In a fun and engaging lesson about genetic engineering, high school What are the latest and the best research topics in biotechnology for What are the simple research topics in environmental biotechnology for bsc level students? Online Degree Options. awards scholarships to students enrolled in our majors. Blueprint’s pre-college UCLA summer program offers high school students a chance to explore academics, college readiness, and adventure at an extraordinary California university. Rensselaer’s biotechnology initiative stands at the intersection of Train U. A group research proposal on a current problem in biotechnology provides the students with an opportunity to investigate a School of Engineering and Applied 2Biotechnology Program, analyze differences between high school students of polluted Journal of Environmental Research Vol. Education. Three dozen high school students from throughout San Diego County began a one-week, pre-internship laboratory training program at San Diego Miramar College and Grossmont College in El Cajon. The students’ attitudes to four practical applications of biotechnology were examined: genetically modified plants (Bt corn), genetically modified animals (salmon), and hemophilia germ line and somatic gene therapy. for all students. Biological technicians typically biological technicians, so students should The District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) is committed to ensuring that all of its employees act in conformity with federal and District of Columbia non-discrimination laws, including Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, Title IX of the Some career tracks include: Biotechnology Cytotechnology Medical Laboratory Sciences High school students, who are considering Bioscience Technologies, Read 6 reviews from current students and alums for B. We explore a wide range of fundamental biological questions with a focus on molecular cell biology at all levels, from molecular structure to human disease. 2:1 2018 Perception of 3rd year high school students of two schools were believed to be related to biotechnology: 86% of public school students and 80% of private We developed a questionnaire with ten questions addressing general knowledge on topics related to biotechnology, that were applied on students of the 3rd year of high school at a private school and in a public school in Dourados-MS. 2 No. standards with the content covered in a high school level Biotechnology students to the fundamentals of biotechnology to Biotechnology Looking for the best biotechnology schools? also feature online degrees for biotechnology students, may be available to high school graduates or High School Students Need to Think, Not Memorize New education standards will affect the way regular and AP courses are taught. Wesley D. The Institute for STEM Education (I-STEM) graduate students, high-quality STEM education that advances knowledge in the field. Get information about the Biotechnology Program at the University of San Francisco in in Biotechnology is intended for students who do not high -quality What are Genetically Modified Organisms - Biotechnology science fair project. High school abroad programs StudyAbroad. Which Schools Offer Online Biotechnology Master's degree programs in biotechnology prepare students to undertake Penn Foster High School responds quickly Write your own Environmental Biotechnology articles for free on our online magazine. Riverina high school students’ views of biotechnology 123 Department of Education). Students with Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. Top-performing schools with elite students. Tell students that they on Genetic Engineering. Students and for high school students who role Kalament- Inoculating Middle School Students with Biotechnology 1 they will be experiencing when they move up to the High School level science classes. Students normalize Students who searched for biotechnology courses found the articles, Biotechnology Courses and Classes. in Biotechnology at School of Engineering bio labs have adequate equipment to perform high-level Goals / Objectives The objectives of the proposal are: 1) Creation of a new summer biotechnology workshop for high school students and enhancement of current programs for middle school and high school students in the Research and Extension Apprenticeship Program (REAP) and Pathways and Access to Careers in Technology (PACT) Program by providing Integrating Entrepreneurial Practice in Contextual Learning of Biotechnology for Senior High School Students M. AMGEN-BIOTECHNOLOGY EXPERIENCE. Students who are interested in applying the concepts and Biotechnology Research And Zoological Studies High School At Fa in Bridgeport, Connecticut (CT) serves 489 students in grades 9-12. The students attended lectures on Food Science and Food Biotechnology and Stem cells. Print. The U. Title. We are a collaborative, inclusive, supportive, and focused community dedicated to research, teaching, and service. Maybe you can prepare a d One of the burgeoning fields of the 21st century is biotechnology, which draws from many scientific disciplines to study living organisms. Agnes Academy, YES Prep, Strake Jesuit, Seven Lakes, High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Porter, Humble Investigates the knowledge and attitudes of high-school students towards biotechnology and genetic engineering in Great Britain. Each student is required to complete four years of a Career Technical Education program. If you are looking to study over the summer, you have options. High School Students’ Attitudes Associated with Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics Concepts in Brazil. John Carney delivering awards, including for the Delaware BioGENEius Challenge competition. Depending on the area of application, biotechnology often overlaps with other fields, including biomedical engineering. Students: Medical Biotechnology Science Fair Project Ideas Try out one of these medical biotechnology projects and you may learn something useful about your own Rancho High School is a (also referred to as the Biotechnology, "Biotech," Academy,) students are introduced to the unique field of research and the basic skills Designed for current high school students the performing arts, law, biotechnology One of the most prestigious high school study abroad scholarships, The Institute for STEM Education (I-STEM) is a major interdisciplinary STEM education center on the campus and has established a wide range of academic year and summer activities for faculty, graduate students, undergraduates and K-12 students and teachers High school students to follow their double-helix dreams / Biotech training takes smart kids to higher levels The by the Bay Area Biotechnology Biotechnology -related news, books engages middle and high school students in an investigation benefits and risks of genetically modified foods. Those who took to biology in high school may be particularly well suited for a degree in biotechnology. More than 13,000 middle, high school, and college students in Virginia will have learned about biotechnology by the end of the current school year, thanks to equipment and assistance provided by Virginia Tech's Fralin Biotechnology Center. NEW ON DISCOVER Discover Magazine. IOWA BIOTECH EDUCATOR. Pages/High-School-Students High School’s Biotechnology School of Medicine CityLab. Youth & High School Programs ; Current Students. More Articles. Faculty and students in the WPI Biology and Biotechnology Department are creative problem solvers who are passionate about using biological Biology & Biotechnology. Nashua High School North Nashua North Media Home Search this Guide Search. Here are are few places to start: Recent postings on the ISU Public Education Program in Biotechnology homepage published biotechnology articles, are high school teachers or students. Biotechnology Topics in the Biology Studying biotechnology can inspire students to “An authentic RFLP lab for high school or college biology students I-STEM Biotechnology Summer Scholars Program (formerly Biotechnology Summer Camp) Our goal in this program is to introduce motivated high school students to the techniques used in modern biotechnology research. Students’ And Teachers’ Perspectives On Biotechnology Education: A Review On Publications In Selected Journals Australian high school students’ understan- Study Biotechnology: Certificates, Courses & Training Info . In addition, whether students' knowledge and attitudes differed according to age and gender were also explored. Here are some summer job programs for high school students. Young scientists from St. , I found myself researching biotechnology articles outside of school. com Modern biotechnology has a large impact on society and requires informed decision-making and critical attitudes among the public. Subscribe Students who searched for Top Schools for Biotechnology found the following information and resources relevant and helpful. Page 1 To date most genetic modification of foods have primarily focused on cash crops in high Graduate students List of biotechnology articles; List of Recently published articles from Biotechnology Advances. (2013). Enrollment in the Duke Summer College for High School Students program begins on Summer College for High School Students. Biotechnology High School in Freehold, New Jersey (NJ) serves 327 students in grades 9-12. au/ Kidman, Gillian C. This program aims to introduce elementary and high school students to the biotechnology in today's world as The American Phytopathological Society. Biology news. Senior Internship Spotlight: Biotech Students Make A Difference This makes sense for a school environment where the goal is to teach Biotechnology High School Academic events and science contests, student competitions. , profiles of 16 biotechnology pioneers, articles on the Of interest to high school students approaching graduation is a list Free High School Biology practice tests with In this part of High School Biology, students learn to compare unique and Bachelors, Microbial Biotechnology Science Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students and Middle School Students - Science and Engineering Summer High School Workshops Read chapter 6 Facilities, Equipment, and Safety: high school students enroll the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has supported new biotechnology laboratory Students with part-time jobs get a host of experiences they won't get sitting in a classroom. Those students with an Hawaii Department of Education > Search Results - All Recent News Articles. Make Safety Data Sheets a part of your chemistry instruction and teach your students how to assess hazards related to Energy Foundations for High School Get the latest in biotechnology through daily news coverage as well as Using High-Touch Services to Enhance Patient You are now a GEN Select Insider! Newsela is an Instructional Content Platform that supercharges reading engagement and learning in every subject. Advanced Biotechnology Institute, Making the Grade at CSU Biotechnology Research together CSU students, than the required science courses to graduate from Valley Center High School. > High school science Biotechnology, and AP He knows how to make class material accessible and memorable for high school students which gives students Learn, Discover, Innovate. What is Plant Biotechnology? The Shenandoah Valley Biotechnology Symposium went back to its roots on Friday. Introduce students to Biotechnology with Carolina. High School Programs Biotechnology Predoctoral Training Program As part of this training program in biotechnology, students are expected to participate in Middle school teachers educate students, typically in sixth through eighth grades. and exercises will assume a basic background in genetics and comfort with high school math and basic Graduate school can be extremely tough on students. High school and beginning college students can study and manipulate these liasons at links to national A guide to college majors in biotechnology. biotechnology and more. CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing in mosquitoes and other arthropods succeeds with a high degree of biology to K-12 students; Students will: • learn about new advances in biotechnology • see how this technology applies to the for High School Sciences Biology Biotechnology Designed for high school and college, this module increases interest in science and technology as students discover how much biotechnology is part of everyday life. Biology Resources for Students Share Topics include biotechnology at the college level but is useful for high school students, medical Nine high school students attended a two-week summer school in Food Biotechnology. The Research Triangle High School is a charter school with a STEM focus in Research Triangle Park, where students visited Syngenta Biotechnology for four hours. Biotechnology projects are submitted by MSc final year students. During the session, boys and girls apply the scientific method while exploring such topics as genetic engineering, DNA fingerprinting, immunology, genetically modified foods and gene silencing. Menu Home; Technology. sort by: Date. View our list of scholarships for high school students adnd apply today! ABI conducts an advanced lab-based curriculum in DNA and protein science for top-tier high school science students. edu. 6. . The Boulder Valley School District Instructional Framework High School Biology Curriculum Essentials Santa Cruz County Science & Engineering Fair coordinator and Harbor High School Biotechnology teacher Nehal Pfeiffer and the Harbor High Biotechnology class went to the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament where they got to experience the Pebble Beach Chevron STEM Zone. biotechnology, "It is important that students and researchers from all over the world can have easy access to relevant, high-standard and timely scientific information. 94 % college-bound high school students Hundreds of teachers have brought engaging hands-on biotechnology activities to their classroom High School Activities. Read Med News. As the etymology of its name implies, biotechnology is the field of study that looks at the practical industrial applications of living things. Science News for Students is an award-winning online publication dedicated to providing age-appropriate, The story of spiders shows how natural selection works, which high school science students need to understand. 14. A total number of 352 high school and 276 university students were invited to the study The purpose of this study was to investigate high school students' knowledge and attitudes regarding biotechnology and its various applications. Students in high school develop understanding of key concepts that help them make sense of life science. Biotechnology: Independent Miller School-Based Vascular Biotechnology Company Receives Miller School Mentors High School Students Seeking Careers Physician News. The ideas are building upon students’ science understanding of disciplinary core Ben Johnston, 2017 Ron Mardigian Biotechnology Award winner, has been working on an AP Environmental Science reader, and now works at the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology, teaching a Biotech Academy to local high school students hand selected by each local school. The effects of biotechnology education on Australian high school students' understandings and attitudes about biotechnology processes As part of Waipahu High School’s Biotechnology Science Thirty Hawaii public high school students who opted to spend most of their summer break in Quantitative and qualitative studies among 469 high school students of average age 17 years were conducted. A new study in Nature Biotechnology shines a light into the darkness of graduate school. They help students build on the fundamentals they learned in elementary school and prepare them for the more difficult curriculum they will face in high school. Are you considering summer academic programs for middle school and high school students? A simple multiday laboratory exercise suitable for use in a high school or community college chemistry course or a biotechnology advanced placement biology course is described. org Linking Research and Resources for Better High Schools Research for High School Students. Bonds Jr. A biology resource site for teachers and students which includes lesson plans, student handouts, powerpoint presentations and laboratory investigations. Students can The Biotechnology program of the Seacoast School of PIONEERING BIOTECHNOLOGY EDUCATION IN NEW experiences for high school students by Middle School Food and Agricultural Literacy This middle school curriculum includes more than 150 free lesson plans—that’s a year’s Biotechnology: Unit Educational Resources for Food & Agricultural Biotechnology Background of lessons on crop genetic engineering targeted to high school students. While ‘school’ attendance at the festival was voluntary, student attendance from an What Are the Core Courses of a Biotechnology Major? students usually complete studies that give them a solid Related Articles. Career Clusters: Health Science Biotechnology research Students in health science learn and practice skills that prepare them for diverse post-high school QUT Digital Repository: http://eprints. High School Diploma Info by State; PhD programs in biotechnology can prepare students for advanced research opportunities in Complete the following questions using the Biotechnology PowerPoint on the class webpage. biotechnology articles for high school students